Corporate Training


In this fast paced world where technological benchmarks are constantly pushed to higher levels, organizations are seeking for training programs that transcend the barriers of time and keep the employee morale and confidence strong all the time. Network Labs, with its next level approach to training, offers highly refined and comprehensively structured courses with flexibility and scalability to exactly fit into the business and corporate objectives of organizations worldwide. We entail the services of highly experienced and result-oriented experts in corporate training to give organizations the benefit of proven track record and precise understanding of the changing needs of organizations worldwide. We are conceited to announce our association with SNIA - (Storage Networking Industry Association) & CISCO to offer their courses.



  • To effectively upgrade the infrastructure management skills of the participants
  • To make participants able to deliver the new values to the customer.
  • To develop in them pro-active infrastructure management skills.
  • To build in them the ability to plan, design and implement IT infrastructure by deploying global delivery models.
  • And the most important, to help them to acquire the skills to enhance the availability of IT infrastructure facility to the customers.

Training Methodology

Network Labs is a leader in providing a fully customized training. We pride ourselves in the vast amount of knowledge and experience our trainers bring with them from diverse industries in India and abroad.

The training methodology consists of presentations, case studies, and work groups. All didactical activities foresee a theory session and a practice one, including discussions and problem solving exercise. Finally, an assessment test and a user-satisfaction questionnaire will be distributed in order to evaluate the modules result and its success amongst trainees.

The program of the training courses aims to provide a highly practical, interactive and fun approach to learning. In order to do the same we believe that no two customers have identical requirements. This is why we tailor-make all our programs to meet an organization’s specific needs and priorities.

Timelessness is the in-built feature of our courses

Our courses have the substance to make a delightful difference to your career. They are designed by our next level trainers to give you a learning experience, which is timeless in character. We achieve this by teaching you not just how to use a tool, but how to make use of the tool to constantly hone your skills. As a result, the skills you acquire here will never become obsolete.

Trainers who believe they are no different from diamond cutters

When it comes to shaping up our students, only a diamond cutter can match the spirit of our trainers. We believe in the potential of our every candidate and take full measures to see that his or her capabilities are fully realized. Our trainers with their unquestionable integrity and unwavering commitment make sure that every student gets just the right kind of opportunity to learn and grow. The training will be a fine blend of theory and practical classes with thorough exposure to real life situations based on on-line training methodology. The conviction of our trainers that building a positive attitude is of critical importance is significantly contributing to the success of our students.