Induction Program


1. Intends to impart Foundation level Skills required for IT Infrastructure Management Services

2. Intends to prepare candidates specifically for Level 1 Support


Equip the candidates with required skills and make them “Services-Ready” in IT Infrastructure Management Services

Training objective: Goal!

Equip th candidates with required skills and make the “Services - Ready in IT Infrastructure Management Services

Program Learning Objectives

Knowledge and skill to perform Level 1 support in Infra Mgmt Services.

Target Audience:

Masters/Graduates/Under-graduates(Diploma) with no prior work-experience

Specialization in Computer Engg., Computer Science, Information Sciences, Computer applications, Electronics and communication

FIT (Fresher Induction Training) Model:

Client Mandate:

Client provides a mandate to NL for Training their newly recruited resources and specifies the ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA

Baseline Evaluation:

Each candidate is assessed and set expectaCon of the training outcome.

Competency Development Program:

NL trains the candidates building core competencies requested by the client.

Midterm EvaluaCon:

NL will conduct a Mid term Evaluation during the course to assess the participants improvements & compare the same with the baseline evaluaCon & will share the feedback with the client & participants.

Final Evaluation:

Final evaluation is totally pracCcal evaluation, which will gauge the participants knowledge in applying the technology in near real Cme scenario.