Induction Program

Program Pedagogy

Experiential Learning

  • Introduction of Concepts: Principles behind the practice
  • Concept Exercise: Demonstration of comprehension through Lab exercises
  • Brain - storming: What? Why? How? What if?
  • Learn from your peers: Teach your follow - candidate in your style
  • Case - study and Scenario based activities: Application of concepts in near real - tome situations.
  • Project Work: Demonstration of achievement of program objectives encompassing all the topics
  • Technical minars: Keeping abreast developments in the area
  • Soft Skills enhancement: Role plays, seminars

Business Value


  • Skills acquisition & enhancement: Overall development
  • Align to IT Infrastructure Management: A Services Oriented learning
  • Learn Technology and best practices around it: 360 degree view
  • Experiential Learning: Near real - Come!
  • Certification that is valued by Industry
  • Edge over others: Your resume carries more weight!


  • Increased employability : IT Services ready
  • Reduction in initial training costs: With minimal training the candidates can be put onto project - work. This reduces the training costs by almost 80%
  • Reduced time to convert resource to capability: With strong founda3on laid, specialisa3on in a area can be achieved in less time